Hey! my name is kitty =^.^=
(not really but roll with it) I like art, music, skating, laughing, working out, running and fooding! ive officially talked 400+ people out of committing suicide since I was 9 years old, im currently 14 years old. if you want someone to talk to I will always be available and I will listen and be your friend <3 im deeply unhappy but im doing my best, so please no hate, thank you and enjoy my horrible sense of humor!
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3:36am// I love knowing that you fell asleep with our chat open,
I love knowing that you were waiting solely for my reply,
I love knowing that I matter so much to you that would do your best to stay up this late to talk to me even though you have soccer practice in the morning,
I love knowing that you’re so truly mine and that you love me with all your heart,
Because I love you more than anything and I love knowing that.