Hey! my name is kitty =^.^=
(not really but roll with it) I like art, music, skating, laughing, working out, running and fooding! ive officially talked 400+ people out of committing suicide since I was 9 years old, im currently 14 years old. if you want someone to talk to I will always be available and I will listen and be your friend <3 im deeply unhappy but im doing my best, so please no hate, thank you and enjoy my horrible sense of humor!
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all I want

is someone to look me in the eye

tell me “I know you’re not okay”

and just hug me

hug me like the world is ending

and let me cry

and not say anything

just hug away the pain and hurt I have

because I know

I’m far too young to be feeling the way I feel

and wishing for the things I daydream of

and I don’t want to be this way anymore









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Who said white people can’t dance? 

this will be half my freshman class when they reach that age